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NO ONE ELSE ON EARTH    From AshleyAllison

You are such a cutie!!!! Please do more!!!! You sound so authentic-country.
3/21/2012 5:42:54 PM

this is really good.
7/14/2010 2:50:50 PM

You should be in Vegas. You are great. I loved it.
10/10/2008 12:20:10 PM

Great video Ashley!! Reach for the stars!!
7/3/2008 2:04:16 PM

I love this song!! I wish that I sounded like you when you sing it :) Very nice job!!
7/2/2008 6:09:44 PM

This video is so much fun.
7/2/2008 11:10:22 AM

you have an awesome sound!!
7/2/2008 10:39:09 AM

great performance, can't wait for your next vid.
7/2/2008 7:12:42 AM

Good stuff ashley
7/2/2008 1:59:05 AM

This is outstanding!
7/1/2008 9:02:49 PM

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