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MARINE SUPPORT    From icanjump

thank you very much! =]
9/12/2010 8:23:29 PM

Thank you for all you do!
11/25/2008 7:39:36 PM

SEMPER PHI!!!!!! Thanks for your service!!! Glad you got back safe!!! Godspeed to all the others out there serving in the line of fire!! We have LOTS to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!!!!
11/20/2008 3:53:05 PM

What a wonderful message to the troops
11/19/2008 1:02:40 PM

Thanks so much for your service, gentlemen. And thanks to all the others.
11/18/2008 7:52:48 AM

good job guys, thanks for stopping by
11/18/2008 6:47:35 AM

Were proud of you.
11/17/2008 2:18:13 PM

Go Troops
11/17/2008 8:55:14 AM

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