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I ENJOYED recording this with the lost boys of DARFUR
6/27/2012 11:35:35 PM

i love thissong it just flows very well
8/15/2010 8:01:29 PM

That was inspiring! The message was powerful, the melody was beautiful, and the words articulate. Amen! NEVER AGAIN
6/5/2009 5:18:46 PM

Love it.
3/25/2009 3:40:42 PM

Thank Divine for pointing me here. I enjoyed the delivery and the message. Gabriel (Doc) Bey Trumpet and Love
1/15/2009 2:35:02 AM

Very nice video. A great message for everyone!
11/21/2008 12:25:19 PM

I had a great time. Thank you MySTUDIO for allowing me to be apart of this journey.
11/21/2008 6:03:47 AM

What a wonderful performance with such a powerful message
11/19/2008 12:59:04 PM

Nice. Moving performance.
11/19/2008 10:41:26 AM

What a great song. Our hearts go out to those poor souls.
11/17/2008 4:12:37 PM

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