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KOKOPELLI DANCE    From Silverwolfaz

Ooh, I love it! Very relaxing music, it takes your mind into a peaceful state if you just close your eyes. I don't understand how this is not a Featured video!
9/18/2011 10:57:58 AM

i love this soft music. its so soothing
8/2/2010 9:35:32 PM

great flute playing ma dude! im really into this
7/23/2010 11:25:33 PM

even better than the first one!!!
1/19/2009 3:18:33 PM

wow!!! this song is beautiful, post more videos i love it
5/27/2008 1:26:56 PM

That such a beautiful Sound!! I love it!!
5/27/2008 12:35:04 PM

What a beautiful calming sound.
5/26/2008 8:32:29 PM

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