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REJOICE-DJ JST AND AMBER DIRKS    From ambersings4real

u rock
12/23/2011 10:38:07 PM

this song is pretty good ! =] you dance nice
8/11/2010 6:57:21 PM

impressive video keep em comin i love these
8/1/2010 9:52:20 PM

I like the title. Stay in the piece!
7/13/2009 5:37:26 PM

Hi, Thanks for your kind words. I do say "Rejoice" throughout the whole song. Thanks, Amber Dirks
11/2/2009 11:16:55 AM

Saw you playing with Tag and thought I'd see what all the joy was about... Very cool tune, extremely cool message... Spooky Cool Your friend in the Spiritual Age aka Gabriel Bey Trumpet and Love
3/8/2009 3:39:12 AM

Oops! I'm signed in as Home Jones (smile)! Tag, you're it...
3/8/2009 3:40:20 AM

Thank you for your kind words:)
11/2/2009 11:17:19 AM

i love house music, and this was amazing, you brought the music to a whole new level.... you go girl!!!!
11/1/2008 3:42:05 PM

Looking good Amber! Sounding fantastic as always! Love this track woman!
10/25/2008 12:25:29 AM

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