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PAPER PLANES    From 123homies

very cute! awsome job girls
5/22/2012 7:39:36 PM

Awesome to keep up with the song. Very cool job girls. I love this song.
1/30/2012 3:13:28 PM

one of my favorite songs! good job!
7/26/2010 10:05:17 PM

hey viewers! check out hannah and kenz's website tell ur friends!
5/26/2009 2:54:45 PM

1/9/2009 7:27:36 PM

we r weird like that n were proud of iiiittt!! u no it!!!!!!
4/1/2009 9:00:50 PM

11/24/2008 10:11:53 PM

hi...i saw you at the unvailing of mystudio! you were wearing a black and white dress and someone at the mall gave you the tickets to go.......ok bie p.s. i was the girl that had curly hair
10/24/2008 8:58:07 PM

Okay. Hi...
10/24/2008 10:47:36 PM

Do you have any videos?
10/24/2008 10:47:57 PM

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