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PROP 105 - 5    From barrymorris

its good that you will voice your opinion
9/3/2010 8:58:24 PM

im glad to see someong speaking out loud good video.
7/28/2010 10:07:33 PM

Barry it was great meeting you this morning at the "My Studio One" ribbon cutting. I'm behind you 100% and agree that small government and majority of the public vote it what this country needs. Bring back the days of glory and prosperity.
3/19/2010 2:50:58 PM

omg are you really barry goldwater? like the congressman?
1/28/2010 2:32:12 PM

Love it.
3/25/2009 3:42:35 PM

Thanks Barry for your political message
11/10/2008 2:54:04 PM

COOLIO. Althogh I have no idea what your talking about
10/21/2008 5:11:14 PM

Majority rules!
10/17/2008 2:24:50 PM

I'm so glad to see a political video on here! Great to see you.
10/14/2008 3:46:36 PM

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