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another really funny! video! i love the way you did this
7/30/2010 8:26:46 PM

haha funny dude! make some more videos =]
7/28/2010 10:08:07 PM

Funniest guy in the world!!!!!! man u are the best u should have ur own show
2/9/2010 10:09:45 PM

Really loved your videos!Let me know if you would like to be interviewed on the Inside Mystudio show here at My
12/21/2008 11:22:25 AM

haha ur crazy i loved all ur impersinations!
11/23/2008 9:33:19 PM

Johnny!!!!!!!!! Perfect... Man you crack me up.. Love you bro... Cracked me up..
10/24/2008 8:24:00 AM

Cuz!!!! you guys! lol.... John and Salem Show!
10/14/2008 6:44:02 PM

All I can Say is LOL I love the Mike Tyson impersonation LOL!!
10/14/2008 4:03:32 PM

10/14/2008 3:50:46 PM

OMG!! Are you single?!!
10/14/2008 3:39:27 PM

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