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loved it!! was this your first time at My Studio?
7/10/2012 7:25:16 AM

Hi guys!! I just wanted to let u all know that this wasnt a "real" quest for love lol. When mystudio first came out they wanted to test it out, so I made this video for fun. I enjoyed it so much, that I created a web-a-sode called The Bubble Butt Twins, if u havent seen it yet, u must check it out!! youll be rolling onn the floor, laughing and farting ur ass off, ahahaa
11/1/2011 3:54:17 PM

im not gay but i like retarded.
10/27/2011 8:11:56 AM

Would u wanna do a video together?
8/10/2011 3:08:49 PM

HI Navim, If you want charisma and funny then i am it! I used to start in the halifax commercials in the uk (google it) and i have a bit load of wongal; i've got a nice house with a fridge and bathtub and i love love love drinking. I sometimes drink all weekend (and get a little violent by sunday night;). If you want to see me in pink speedos pm me and i can send you picture (you must sign a form first from my solictor saying you will not distribute it). Lets do this. Speak to you very soon.
3/15/2011 7:06:08 PM

we all are hunny good job on this
8/30/2010 7:33:46 PM

SOME of those choices are good BUT some arnt though.
11/26/2010 2:15:21 AM

thats pretty funny cuz IM THAT GUY
8/3/2010 10:57:00 PM

good luck on your quest! im sure you will find someone!
7/28/2010 10:23:18 PM

Az 1 Hood...if u live en Az we have no beach just GOLF LAND & BIG SURF! lol...we do have sushi and CLUB AIRIA...u didnt leave ur #...checc out my video "HE CARRIEZ ME" good lucc
5/10/2010 12:57:56 PM

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