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WHO IS SHE    From kivah

I dig your flow! I would love to do an album with you! I'm writing for a book (IT STARTED AT THE CHURCH) and a play (TRAPPED IN LOVE AND TROUBLE) right now but would love to have you on board. I'm working on CD cover inserts and posters. I would love to have your talented voice on a some tracks and you appear on the cover and in videos! 623 428 3968
2/25/2014 11:36:38 AM

3/21/2012 12:19:20 PM

this video si kickin !
8/8/2010 9:29:09 PM

this song is a very catch one. this is good song writing
7/27/2010 10:02:23 PM

good job
7/3/2010 8:37:49 PM

Hello Kivah. It looks like it has been exactly 2 years ago that you posted this. It is a very beautiful composition and you have a very smooth voice. What is happening with you and your career? I see that you do not have a myspace page. I would like to see and hear more of you. THE CHIEF AURALIST P.S. How is your reality show coming? CA
5/13/2010 12:29:31 AM

Beautiful song!
5/15/2008 3:58:04 PM

Amazing Performance!! Hope to See More!!
5/15/2008 3:11:35 PM

Great song!! You are so pretty; you look and sound amazing!!
5/14/2008 2:53:20 PM

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