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i feel ya. tight!
8/25/2010 12:48:09 PM

wow im kinda intrigued by your song writing
7/25/2010 10:40:29 PM

good job
7/8/2010 12:27:53 AM

Az on da map again
5/8/2010 8:23:06 PM

Yo SLiKK! This is a heavy story line. Did you experience this because dude, this bro was buttered, jellied, jammed, and toasted before you dropped him down. Either this was karma for a negative spirit, or your crew's roll is too cold. I agree with TOad. This line is deep!
5/3/2008 8:00:11 AM

That was SO COOL!!! What a creepy video - you're amazing.
5/1/2008 3:28:30 PM

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