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M y S tudio. N et / Mdublade

My Original Series style starship in Star Trek Online
Apparenly only available for NPC's, not for Players.
Ah, a Wrath of Kahn style. Elegant.
The Original Series top is available, but not the skirt (yet).
Starting point for a back in time mission. Time travel missions are usually a headache...
Hello Enterprise, this is the Enterprize...
Back in time, figting a classic Klingon D-7 Cruiser.
Another mission, hey, that seems familiar...
I've got a bad feeling about this...
Getting a bit close...
This is going to hurt...
2 other ships helping me deal with the big problem.
Say Cheese!
Ok, after it fires, I can toss a overloaded Quatum Torpedo down the gullet.
Shields are gone, over 50% damage to my ship - and that was just one hit.
Got it!
End of the Doomsday Mission
They got the skirts available. Short boots are the uniform standard, but I couldn't pass on these thigh-highs.
A Next Generation Klingon in a Next Generation uniform, but hey at least everyone else on my crew is in the proper Original Series uniform.
Big guns, classic uniforms, yeah, it's that cool
Another Kodak Moment.
Even the Klingons in the time travel missions look like Original Klingons.
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