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M y S tudio. N et / Totsamagoats

Totsamagoats's Videos

Category:  Cover Songs
Description:  Alexandra And Andrea sing Hold On by the Jonas Brothers. We want VIP! Thanks for voting!
Rating:  All Ages

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Member Since: Jun 10 2009
Birthdate: Aug 29, 1992

Status: In A Relationship, With My Best Friends
Here For: Fun
Interests: We enjoy hanging out with eachother. And living to the fullest. Knowing life isnt that long. =)
Hobbies: Tennis, Golf, Driving, Music. Ha. =)
Born In: Glendale , Arizona
United States
I Live In: Glendale , Arizona
United States
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Education: High School
Children: Yes
Favorites: Jonas Brothers, The Killers, Blink-182, Beatles, Micheal Jackson. So many more.
Passion: School, Success.
Sports: Tennis, Ping Pong. Golf, and Driving.
Books: Harry Potter, Twilight (Before getting sold out), Ap English assignments.
Music: Ah, So many. Nickelback. The Strokes, All American Rejects, Green Day. Oldd classical.
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