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M y S tudio. N et / Rand alThor

Rand alThor's Videos

Category:  Original Music
Description:  Second cut with better vocals. Last vocals were B A D !!! (Written 7/30/2010 during Celebrate Recovery)
Rating:  All Ages
Category:  Original Music
Description:  This was written on 07/30/2010 Friday night, ironically that was during "Celebrate Recovery" You can tell I was feeling a bit blue, huh ?
Rating:  All Ages
Category:  Original Music
Description:  In A.A, they tell you that if you get jealous of someone, you're supposed to pray for them, specifically, that they get what you want. I had just such a thing at church (I'm a church musician) SO I prayed that she'd get everything I'd want. This song is the story of that incident and what happened as a result!
Rating:  All Ages
Category:  Cover Songs
Description:  Take 2 of Greatest love of all from the Florida (SawGrass Mills) location. In case you saw the first take on this (with no audio), I got an email from the manager that same night with an appology and and a promise that there'd be audio there right away. As you can see, he made good on his promise. Yes, the audio's a bit low, but no problem, that adjustment is pretty easy to make! Great customer service guys (and gals!! )
Rating:  All Ages

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Member Since: May 4 2010
Birthdate: May 09, 1966

Status: Single
Here For: Fun
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Interests: Songwriting, performing, singing
Hobbies: Songwriting, perfroming, singing, Linux, Mud's
Born In: Ft.Lauderdale , Florida
United States
I Live In: Ft.Lauderdale , Florida
United States
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Education: High School
Children: No
Favorites: Anime (Ghost in the Shell) Manga, (Deadman Wonderland, Dance in the Vampire Bund, NightSchool, 20th Centrury Boys)
Passion: Music!!
Sports: None at the moment
Books: Wheel of Time (hence my name), Memory, Sorrow & Thorn, Manga
Music: All Christian Styles, pop, rock, rap, county (not Willie Nelson tho! )
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