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Member Since: Apr 16 2009
Birthdate: Mar 20, 1986

Status: In A Relationship
Here For: Friendship
Occupation: G.e. CareCredit Rep
Interests: I love to make people laugh, I like to entertain people. I always like to be the center of attention. I also like to work.
Hobbies: I really dont have any hobbies. I pretty much work and go to school. Thats all i got.
Born In: Malden , Massachusetts
United States
I Live In: Phoenix , Arizona
United States
Education: Bachelor's Degree
Children: Yes
Favorites: It just says favorites, I dont know what favorites they are talking about so im gonna think movies. Goodfellas, Wild Hogs, Sex Drive.
Passion: What I love, what my passion is, is I like to shoot skeet and I also love to try new foods.
Sports: I used to play hockey before I got in my car accident. I dont like to watch any sports on the reg. I
Books: de vinci code, angels and demons, 2 great books
Music: I like hip hop, rap, r&b, oldies.
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